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Display Dock Tablet Wall Mount

Display Dock Tablet Wall Mount

*Coming Soon*

The Display Dock, a new tablet Wall Mount and tablet enclosure is compatible with iPad 1,2,3,4 and frames a photo, painting, article of clothing, etc. This allows for user interaction with the tablet beneath the frame. This tablet enclosure is designed to be hung on a wall in a gallery, home, office, or silent auction. Available with an electronic tablet mount with passcode lock, or with Evolve tablet enclosure built into the the structure of the stand. 

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Display Dock Tablet Wall Mount Features:

  • Open home button access with electronic tablet enclosure, open or closed home faceplates to allow or limit access
  • Tablet Enclosure can be used in landscape orientation
  • Power connection cord connects to wall outlet
  • Speakers can be installed to magnify tablet enclosures
  • 120 volt power adapter cord attached for easy connection to any wall outlet
  • Display Dock allows full access to all tablet controls
  • All versions of the iPad tablet can be used within the Display Dock
  • One year warranty
  • Two 3-inch speakers can be installed for amplified sound (Not available for Manual Case)
  • Made in the USA

Available iPad Display Dock Colors:

  • Black
  • White
  • Contact us about Custom Stains and Colors

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